Three Little Letters
May 19th, 2010

It is the word of chances and risks.  It is the word of new and different.  It is a word that is both affirming and terrifying.


Yes is the frightening answer to so many questions:

Do I want to learn a new language?
Do I want to live overseas again?
Do I want to have more children?
Do I want to work for myself someday?
Do I want to travel extensively? 

Yes is also the comforting answer to many other questions:

Do I have a family I love and adore?
Am I happy in my life?
Do I have hobbies I enjoy?
Am I in good health?
Is my marriage sturdy? 

Yes is a word that simultaneously feels like a warm blanket and a cold breeze.  I wrap myself in it, and brace myself against it.  I fear it and yearn for it in the same moment.  It takes me to new places in my life, some of which are beloved, and some of which are mistakes.  It teaches me to embrace my fumbles and falters.  It rewards me with unexpected blessings.  It hovers over me like a guardian and haunts me like a ghost. 

I answer yes in my life because I am better for it.

This post was inspired by the topic of Yes and is a part of Momalom’s Five for TenFor more great posts on Yes click on over and check out the links.

11 Responses to “Three Little Letters”

  1. Corinne Says:

    Yes can be so good to us, just by acknowledging it! I like it in it’s comforting moments, personally :)

  2. Launa Says:

    I love it. You can say YES to all of these things, just not all at the same time. Maybe there will be a time in your life for each of those frightening yesses to unfold… and then gradually become the comfortable yesses that structure your life.

  3. Kristen @ Motherese Says:

    Thank you, Gale, for your take on Yes. After reading several Yes posts yesterday, I started to think about Yes mostly in the context of saying Yes to smaller questions (e.g. Yes, we can go out and play in the rain after lunch). But I’m grateful for your reflection on the profundity of saying Yes to the bigger ones as well. And I know I’ll be thinking about this statement all day: “I answer yes in my life because I am better for it.”

  4. Eva @ Eva Evolving Says:

    “Both affirming and terrifying.” No kidding. Excitement and fear combined into that strange, high-strung, on-edge, but practically giddy feeling.

  5. soccermom Says:

    Excellent view on the word yes.
    I think for me personally fear is the reason behind my using No more often and not yes.

  6. MidnightCafe Says:

    It’s so true! And I’ve been seeing this emerge as I’ve read so many blogger thoughts on “yes.” There’s this goodness in yes, something so beautiful and lovely. But, there’s also something risky, so much of the unexpected, the unknown.

  7. denise Says:

    Such a confounding dichotomy, Yes. Truly enjoyed your take on this…using yes as a gauge of life’s bigger direction. Thank you!

  8. Anne Says:

    I love that you see youself as “a better person” for saying yes. And it is indeed both a risk and a joy.

  9. Erin Says:

    This is one of my fave “yes” posts I’ve read :) Such a simple concept…yet so true.

  10. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Warm blanket and Cold breeze…YES.

  11. Sarah Says:

    Yes, Gale. This is it. In the little proverbial nutshell. This is Yes. Affirming and absolutely terrifying all at once. Because life IS about chances and risks. And we will only stay in the same place if we don’t say yes. If we don’t leap. And I’m just not that kind of girl who wants to stay in the same place. What’s the fun in that? How do I know my own potential if I’m always sedentary?

    This is just perfect. Exactly how I would characterize YES if I thought as smartly as you do.

    Love it! Bravo!

    A big, warm !!!