The Little Things: Reruns
August 4th, 2010

I’m dedicating this week’s posts to some of life’s simplest pleasures.  Ten Dollar Thoughts are great, but sometimes it’s nice to scale back.  For Monday’s installment, click here.

I realize I dealt them a glancing blow last Friday, but as I began thinking about my favorite simple pleasures I realized that TV reruns actually make the cut. 

Unless you’re watching Entourage or Mad Men, just about all television shows are in reruns right now.  Most people lament this period of TV drought, and eagerly await the start of the new season late next month.  But I secretly love reruns.  Why?  I’m so glad you asked.

I love the pleasant surprise of a great rerun.  You turn on your TV unsure of whether or not there will be anything decent to watch.  You could easily be condemned to bad TV movies or some Marie Osmond infomercial.  But instead you find the episode of Friends where Monica and Rachel gamble (and lose) their apartment; or the episode of The West Wing where Sam and Toby have to bail a Supreme Court nominee out of jail; or the episode of Seinfeld with the low water pressure.  Moments like these are akin to bumping into your best friend from college whom you adore, but haven’t seen in ages.  You want nothing more than to settle in and hear all about what she’s been up to.

I also love the familiar terrain of a rerun.  You’ve been there before and you know what’s going to happen.  You know when the best scene is coming up and whether or not you should wait to go to the bathroom.  Not only that, but the anticipation of knowing what comes next can almost make the moment sweeter.  You know that Kramer is going to fly through the door wearing, “nothing but a thin layer of gabardine,” and you get your laugh all ready to go because you’re going to need it. 

There’s something casual about old shows.  You probably didn’t plan to watch them.  You’re probably doing something else at the same time.  They don’t command your full attention, but they may make paying bills, peeling carrots, or brushing dogs a little more entertaining.  Much like hearing your favorite song on the radio, you never know when you’ll come across one, but you always know it will be a welcome addition to your day.

6 Responses to “The Little Things: Reruns”

  1. Eva @ Eva Evolving Says:

    Yes, re-runs are definitely little things to be appreciated. Laying in bed watching old episodes of Sex and the City is a guilty pleasure for me, a little luxury before the end of the day.

    For me, your last point really hit home. Re-runs are casual, and that what makes them so great. The unplanned, unexpected surprise of a favorite episode. The pleasure of flipping through channels – sports and infomercials and news – and then finding a good re-run. And the fact that there is no pressure, no expectation or schedule to watch them. It’s not like Mad Men or Lost where you have to be on your couch watching at a set day and time (even if you have a Tivo, you want to watch as it airs!). And this flexibility, this casual nature is what makes re-runs so great for me.

  2. Anne Says:

    A really good Gilmore Girls rerun, which I only get to see occasionally…makes my day:)

  3. BigLittleWolf Says:

    I’m with you! A great rerun is such a find. (I was disappointed the other night when I couldn’t find anything with that wonderful, well worn feel.)

    And sometimes, we realize we’ve missed an episode, and see something new! Or seeing a second time around, we find something new in what we’ve already seen.

    I often wonder why we don’t have as many reruns as we used to (Netflix? DVDs? Issues over royalties or licensing or who knows what?) Oh, how I’d love to see Columbo on again, not to mention the original Mod Squad (with Peggy Lipton et al), and Name of the Game (ever heard of that?). The reruns I’d like to see have no gratuitous violence, but plenty of “period feel” along with interesting characters or the ability to zap me back to a time I was very young and very idealistic. I think I’d like that.

  4. Cathy Says:

    I love re-run season for a different reason. It gives me breathing room to catch up on all those first-run episodes I missed and recorded on the DVR. If it wasn’t for re-run season, I’d never get to watch half the stuff I want to. Hubby wouldn’t mind though…

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