Crazy Genius
August 16th, 2010

In honor of Eat, Pray, Love having come out this past weekend, and because this kind of content is right up the alley of those of us who have a passion for writing, today I am offering up Liz Gilbert’s TED talk from 2009.  I first saw it sometime last year, but it sprang to mind again in the wake of all the movie publicity. 

Gilbert speaks so eloquently herself that I won’t elaborate further (besides, my grey matter is still a bit mushy from all the discussion on Friday) except to say that whatever your creative process is, embrace it.  It is no weirder than any of the other artists’ processes that she cites.  Nor is it more banal than Gilbert’s own work-a-day process.  It is yours, so own it and use it. 

PS - Sorry I wasn’t able to embed the video.  Apparently I don’t have the correct WordPress plugin.  Will have to look into that.  You should be able to reach the video from the link above without any trouble.

4 Responses to “Crazy Genius”

  1. Katybeth Says:

    Thanks! Saw the movie this weekend. This is a nice follow up.


  2. Gale Says:

    Ooh, I’m jealous. Haven’t seen it yet. I really enjoyed the book, though. I think Julia Roberts was brilliant casting, so I’m excited to see it.

  3. E Says:

    Once again – you inspire me – no doubt my creativity is often a bit weird so I always don’t encourage it.

  4. Gale Says:

    E – Any time I can inspire anyone I take it as a compliment. Thanks for reading. It means a great deal.