A Germ
November 17th, 2010

I am a germ.  IEP was kind enough to pass his cold along to GAP, who, in turn, was kind enough to pass it along to me.  So I’m a little behind the curve this week.  My Wednesday post will either go up later today or tomorrow.  So please check back.  Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

4 Responses to “A Germ”

  1. Anne@lifeinpencil.com Says:

    Feel better soon, sis:)

  2. Kristen @ Motherese Says:

    You and GAP have obviously done a great job of teaching IEP how to share. :)

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  3. e Says:

    You are not a germ! How dare you say such a thing…..you’re simply good enough to be a germ’s host for a few days. You need to get well quickly so you’ll be ready to party like you’ve never partied before!

  4. Eva @ EvaEvolving Says:

    Ohh noo! I hope some sleep and soup help you feel better soon.