A New Set of Initials
October 31st, 2011

I’m adding a new set of initials to the lexicon around here.

SSP was born on Friday morning weighing exactly seven pounds and measuring exactly 20 inches.  He looks just like his brother did as a newborn, and is every bit as sweet.  Delivery was smooth and largely uneventful.  The only drama of the whole affair was the Cardinals’ stunning Game 6 victory as I labored Thursday night.  We came home yesterday, all happy and healthy, and are enjoying the adjustment to a family of four.

I’m not quite sure what my presence in this space will be like in the coming few months.  I will certainly be taking a hiatus from thrice-weekly posting, and from my usual menu of thought-provoking topics.  I’m considering just posting photos – “Scenes from Maternity Leave” or similar – but haven’t really settled on any one approach yet.  Stay tuned and I will let you know once I’ve figured it out.

Thanks for all of your support and good wishes over these past many months of pregnancy.  It is such a blessing to finally have SSP in our family.

9 Responses to “A New Set of Initials”

  1. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Welcome, SSP! Enjoy every minute, Gale! We’ll be here!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Congratulations, Gale, on your new arrival! Enjoy the journey of new motherhood all over again.

  3. Anna Says:

    I so happy everything was uneventful.
    Kisses for SSP.

  4. Kristen @ Motherese Says:

    Congratulations to the whole P family!! And special best wishes to Mama P for an easy transition to postpartum life. xo

  5. Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities Says:

    Welcome to the world, SSP! Love to all of you. xxx

  6. BigLittleWolf Says:

    So thrilled for all of you! A big welcome (and gentle kiss) to SSP and family! (Love seeing the little feet…)

  7. Cathy Says:

    Congratulations Gale! Welcome to the world SSP.

  8. Rebecca Says:

    Great news! Congratulations Gale and welcome SSP! Don’t let mommy brain get in the way of those TDT!

  9. Kathryn at Good Life Road Says:

    Congratulations! to the whole family and a very lucky and sure to be adored SSP!