Fair Warning…
July 23rd, 2012

I’m struggling with some things this week, and before I go down the rabbit hole I thought I owed you all fair warning.  I try not to get too opinionated or political on this blog because I want there to be room for everyone here.  I want you to feel welcome, whether or not you agree with me.  And the best way for me to make you feel welcome is to keep the conversation interesting, but polite. 

Nevertheless, I have a point of view.  I have strong feelings about many things.  And much as I try to keep an open mind, I have very concrete opinions about a couple of topics making national headlines this week.  Namely the Penn State sanctions and James Holmes’ cache of weapons.  After some serious thought, I have decided to address each one in this week’s posts.  So I am here to tell you now that these posts will be opinionated.  But I am also here to tell you that you are free - nay welcome - to disagree with me. 

Also, I will make you a little promise.  After hanging with me through some tough posts on Tuesday and Thursday, I will post something happy, uplifting, and inspiring on Friday.  It was an idea that came to me late last week and was originally on the docket for tomorrow, but I feel compelled to address these other issues first.  It will be your reward for taking on these more difficult topics earlier in the week.

Lastly – and this is not something I often say here – it is a privilege to write this blog.  I am thankful that I have an eager mind and a platform to explore the thoughts that pass through it.  Even more-so, I am flattered and honored that you choose to read my words.  Thank you for being here, for helping me grapple with the world around me, in all of its wretchedness and all of its greatness.  It means a great deal.    

2 Responses to “Fair Warning…”

  1. kelly thompson Says:

    Gale- cool , can’t wait to hear them! BTW were you on the debate team in high school?

  2. Gale Says:

    Kelly – Thanks! I’m a little nervous about delving into such topics publicly, but I feel that they’re both too important to stay quiet. And no, I wasn’t on the debate team. I didn’t have near the poise or confidence back then to hold up under that kind of pressure. (I left it in the capable hands of G.T. and others who, as I recall, pretty much whooped up on everyone they debated.)

    PS – Thanks for reading!