Not Impressed with WordPress
August 14th, 2012

At a quarter to 10:00 last night I was putting the finishing touches on today’s post.  As I went back to add a Category tag I noticed that my Categories box wasn’t there.  I clicked out of my post so that I could click back in, thinking the window hadn’t loaded properly.  When I went to re-enter my post it was gone.

WordPress ate my post.

I couldn’t believe it.  I had no intentions of starting over at that hour, and so here I am with nothing to offer but this “the dog at my homework” explanation.  This is not at all how I’d planned to return from my two-week blogging break.  The only silver lining is that I now have an excuse to participate in the McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed meme, which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying for the past several days.

At any rate, I’m sorry about this.  I will rewrite the post for Thursday, this time in Word since WordPress hasn’t earned my trust back yet.  I hope you had a wonderful time watching the Olympics.  I know I did.  It’s nice to be back, although not as nice as I’d hoped.  See you Thursday!

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