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Almost everyone has heard the adage, “Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life.” While that may or may not ring true for all, passion is a foundational building block to believing in an idea or pursuing a goal — especially in business.

To help small business owners better understand how to leverage their passion into actionable results, we've rounded up some of the best content from contributors published this week.

Ask yourself some essential entrepreneurial questions

The allure of entrepreneurism calls long and loud to some, especially amid boring meetings or unfulfilling job positions. However, Blake Hutchinson, CEO of Flippa, presents hopeful entrepreneurs with “5 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying an Online Business” to gauge passion, skill sets, research and more. In particular, Hutchinson points out that the breadth of online assets is large and deep. Entrepreneurs can take time to find the right fit for their passion and skills after some due diligence and reflection on additional assets needed to successfully run an online business.

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Uncover your ‘also’

Amid a pandemic and calls for evolving social justice measures, businesses large and small continue to analyze their mission to ensure authenticity to customers. Gen Z, infamously known for demanding authenticity from businesses, especially values a company’s mission. Or Bokobza, co-founder and CEO of Venn, explores the topic of social impact, responsibility and sustainability in his article, “The Key to Finding Your Company's Mission? It's in Your 'Also.'” Based on both research and experience, Bokobza concludes that purpose-led brands not only attract investors and outperform competitors without a solid mission but make real and lasting change in their communities, too.

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Amid a pandemic and calls for evolving social justice measures, large companies and small businesses continue to analyze their mission to ensure authenticity to customers.

Start a side hustle

America’s burgeoning gig economy attracts more and more entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. From making a few extra dollars a week, to filling a niche caused by the pandemic, to allowing people to indulge in their passions while keeping the security of a full-time job, the interest of pursuing side hustles saw a massive increase in 2020. An Bui, an Entrepreneur Leadership Network contributor and founder of Online Career Accelerator, gives readers the tools to finally pursue their passion in his article “5 Simple Steps to Start Your Side Hustle.” Bui’s steps include performing research, planning goals, starting small, finding an audience and setting realistic expectations.

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Stay rooted in why you started

Jessica Abo, founder of JaboTV, interviewed Vittorio Marzotto of Santa Margherita USA, a fine wine import company that represents ultra-premium wine estates from Italy. In the article, “How a Love Story Inspired this 86-Year-Old Wine Company,” Marzotto shared his family’s history, along with advice for other family-run operations, and told the story of how Santa Margherita got started. “My great-grandfather, Gaetano Marzotto ... began revitalizing an abandoned land in the Venetian countryside that he chose as a productive soil for agriculture. It needed reclaiming, so he put a lot of effort into that, and he nailed it. Such an aspirational place could only bear one name, his wife's name, Margherita.”

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Stay focused and plan ahead, especially in your first year

The first year of business can make or break a small business owner, between striving for perfection, cash flow issues and unexpected developments. However, in his article “3 Lessons to Survive Your First Year in Business,” Ross Burhdorf, CEO of ZenBusiness, shares important reminders for small business owners to remain committed to their passion, focus on customers and plan ahead as much as possible to set up for success down the road. By trusting their instincts and following Burhdorf’s tactics, entrepreneurs can finish out their first year of business and step into their second with confidence.

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