Balancing the need to attract new customers while keeping your existing clients happy.

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Simple Steps to Handle a Late-Paying B2B Client

Learn about the causes of late B2B customer payments, and discover steps to manage and prevent future nonpayment issues at your business.

How to Build Customer Loyalty: 5 Tips for Small Businesses

Explore effective strategies for building business-to-business customer loyalty that are focused on creating lasting relationships and driving substantial revenue increases.

B2B Payment Guide: Definition, Benefits, and Challenges

As the B2B payment market evolves, companies that serve other businesses should understand various B2B payment options and how to accept them.

Customer Appreciation: Five Ways to Thank Customers

Customer appreciation is fundamental to building customer loyalty. Here are some simple, effective ways to say thank you to your customers.

How Product Updates Can Help Boost Sales

Regularly evaluating and updating your product's features — and leveraging updated features in your marketing — can attract new and former customers, boost sales, and build customer loyalty.

How Premium Products Can Lead to a Bigger Payday

If you sell rare or exclusive products, you can likely charge more for them.

The Value of Routine Customers

By becoming a part of your customers’ routines, you can enjoy improved business outcomes.

Improve Customer Service Using AI

Artificial intelligence tools help your customers get the support they need faster without adding to the headcount of your service team.

5 Tips for Managing B2B Customer Expectations

In the B2B market, customer satisfaction is essential to a business’s long-term success. Here are five ways to effectively manage B2B customer expectations.

How to Turn a Negative Customer Experience Into a Positive One

When things go wrong in a customer experience, use it as an opportunity to address the customer’s needs and strengthen your brand.